How to do a one trick pony trick shoot

This one trick trick pony shot is an amazing shot to shoot.

This is the kind of trick shot that you need to practice and get used to.

The trick shots are usually a shot from behind the baseline, but it is a good idea to start by shooting from behind as it helps to keep the eyes on the ball as you shoot.

You can then shoot from either the front or the backboard as you go through each part of the shot.

It is a great way to learn how to do this shot, especially if you are looking to improve your jumper or pull up off the dribble.

Tip: to practice a shot like this, you can find a basketball on a nearby bench and hold it to your chest and practice each shot.

This shot has become one of my favourites and I love learning the tricks to do it.

Try to keep this one trick shot to at least three shots, it is easy to forget how to shoot it with this type of shot.