Ghost Trick Baby

A new trick video from Minecraft developer Mojang shows how to create a ghost in Minecraft by making the player walk into a waterhole, where a door would open and a trap would be activated.

The video, titled “Ghost Trick Baby,” has garnered more than 1.2 million views on YouTube, but the trick was not a part of the game.

Instead, the trick is based on an old trick from the game Minecraft, which the developers used to demonstrate how a player could use a wall to open a door.

When the player steps into a cave, the cave wall will open, and a treasure chest will appear.

When a door opens, the treasure chest in the wall will disappear.

To play the trick, players would need to walk into the cave with their hands on the walls and place a foot on each of the blocks in the way of the door, so the door will close.

If the player pushes the block to the side, it will close, but if they push it forward, it won’t close.

The player can then press the key that opens the door and trigger the trap.

When all doors in the cave are opened, the player will be rewarded with a chest.

The trick video shows how the player can create a trick like this with Minecraft, but it was not in the game when it was created.

Mojang has said the video is an “unofficial” modification of a Minecraft trick, and not the official game.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

In the video, the ghost appears when a player uses a wall, so when the player walks through the door the trick stops.

After the player closes the door with their foot, the door disappears.

The screenshot also shows a block with a key that can be used to open the door.

Mojangs game, Minecraft, is a free-to-play game, and there are no in-game currency for the trick.

The Mojang video is also not the only example of the popular game’s unique ability to create fake objects.

The game’s creator, Markus Persson, has previously explained that the game uses a lot of special blocks that are supposed to make things look like real objects.

In this case, the “fake” objects appear to be the player’s feet.

He also said the game is “made for fun.”

The player in the video can also walk around with his feet, but they will still fall off the wall if he tries to walk over them.

The ghost trick video, however, does not work if the player is on a level.

In that case, he can’t use his foot as a door opening mechanism.

Instead of moving the player forward, the key on the door closes the trap, and the player gets a chest instead.

Minecraft is also an online game, so players can share tricks to play with other players.

In Minecraft, the game’s creators have stated that they encourage the sharing of the “real” world, which is made up of Minecraft objects.

This includes objects like bricks and doors.