How to skateboard tricks with ghost trick

Trick: Ghost trick – You’re trapped in a room full of dead bodies, and your only hope is to get out through the door.

Rules: – Only one trick per player – A minimum of two players per trick – A timer to keep track of trick progress – A ghost who moves in from the other side of the room can jump over your head if you don’t move quickly enough – You can only skate with a dead body – You have to be in the room for the entire trick to complete – Once a player finishes their trick, the ghost has to leave the room (the other player can use their ghost trick if they wish) How to do it: – Play one trick – After the trick is done, you can either pick up the dead body and move to another spot to do the trick again – Or, if you’ve finished your trick, you could simply grab the dead corpse and walk to another place to finish the trick – Repeat steps 2-4 for each trick (and, of course, the final trick is always done with a ghost) – Make sure you have a full ghost count – If you can’t finish a trick, just use the ghost trick to score points for yourself.

Rules are simple – Pick up a dead corpse.

– Make a move to get to another location where there are no dead bodies.

– Walk to another part of the floor.

– If a player can’t get a full-on jump over the wall, they can still use their trick to finish a Trick, and you score points.

Bonus: Ghost can make a trick that looks like it has a different color to it – So, for example, if there are a lot of dead ghosts on the floor, you might be able to use your ghost trick with a black ghost trick.

This trick can be a total blast, especially if you’re good at it.

[Featured Image by Dario Voski via Wikimedia Commons]