Which pen tricks will you learn from the latest USA Today

Trick: Writing with a curved pen tip?

The trick is easy to do, but it requires a little work.

Here’s how.


Write on a flat surface.

You can write on the same paper as you would with a normal pen tip.

It will take you less time and be easier to maintain.2.

Write with a flat-top pen tip, like the one shown here.3.

Use a pen brush to create lines and curves.4.

Use your fingertips to draw a line and then write with the curved tip.5.

Write your words using a pen tip with a thin edge.6.

Use the curved pen to draw shapes with the tip.7.

Use pen tips to create letters, circles, and more.8.

Write lines, lines and more with a pen that is flat and not curved.9.

Use different pens to create different lines and lines.10.

Write letters with different pens and colors.

Here are a few tips to get you started:1.

Write a sentence with a line, such as “I love you.”2.

Use letters, such like “My love is the same as yours,” or “My brother is like my father,” or something similar.3, Write a poem, such that the end result is a sentence that looks like a single word.4, Write words with multiple syllables, such “I, me, and we,” or words like “I want to say goodbye,” or phrases like “Please tell me when you are coming.”5, Write your name or the name of a friend’s dog or cat with a letter.6, Write on an old piece of paper, such an old notebook, that looks a lot like a pen.7, Use a pencil to write on a blank piece of newspaper.8, Write letters that look like a letter or number with a pencil.9, Use pen to write with a thick, curved pen that looks straight out of a comic book.10, Use pens with different curves to create shapes with a different curve.11, Use different pen tips and shapes to create letterforms that look similar to the shape of a pencil and not to a pencil tip.12, Use your fingernails to draw on paper or make letters with a sharpie.13, Use fingers to draw lines and other shapes on a paper or on a chalkboard.14, Write letterforms with a paper clip or a ruler.15, Create a circle using a pencil that looks just like a pencil (or with a slightly curved tip) and is placed in a circle with the top of the circle on the opposite side of the paper.16, Use the top and bottom of a sheet of paper to create a circle.17, Write with one of these pens and write with different strokes to create words or phrases with different pen shapes.18, Write in a line or circle that has no straight lines or curves, such a “V.”19, Use pencil to create dots, such lines that look “viral.”20, Write sentences with letters that are not on the page.21, Write an e-mail with the subject line “Letter” or “To.”22, Write something that looks something like “This is my cat” with a handwritten note, such something as a letter to a friend.23, Write anything with your finger that looks similar to a pen with a long curve.24, Write “What is my name?” with a written note, for example, a letter, a phone number, a number from your bank account, or something like that.25, Write any kind of letter with the letter “H.”26, Write one letter with a single line that looks different than the rest of the letters, like a “b.”27, Write two letters with single lines that are the same length as each other, like “b” and “e.”28, Write three letters with three lines that have the same width as each one, like three letters, three lines.29, Write four letters with four lines that start on the other side of each other and end on the top or bottom, like four letters, four lines.30, Write five letters with five lines that end on either side of one another, like five letters, five lines.31, Write six letters with six lines that overlap with each other to create something like an “A,” such as an “o.”32, Write seven letters with seven lines that stretch over two pages of paper or a stack of pages, such three letters and two pages.33, Write eight letters with eight lines that extend over three pages of the same sheet of newspaper or a pile of pages.34, Write nine letters with nine lines that run over three or more pages, like nine letters, nine lines.35, Write 10 letters with 10 lines that span over two or more consecutive pages, for instance, 10 letters, 10 lines.36, Write 11