Why we have to fight fake news

It’s an old trope, but the internet’s proliferation of fake news makes the situation even worse.

A new documentary tells the story of the people who fight to expose the lies.

The film, called Fake News: Truth in the Age of Social Distraction, explores the growing movement to expose fake news online.

It explores how fake news spreads online in real time and how it can be used to distort and mislead the public.

“We want to show how these people, like so many of us, are actually fighting to get the truth out there,” said the director of the documentary, who is also a writer and editor at the publication WND.

The documentary follows a group of individuals who have created and launched a project to counter fake news.

They are calling themselves the Falsehood Project.

“They are not the only ones, but they are the only one who is willing to put their lives on the line,” said WND founder Wendell Wallach.

Wallach and his co-producer are part of the Falseness Project, which is based in New York and has a global team of activists, journalists, writers and others working together to fight for truth.WND has been one of the most prominent publications fighting fake news for the past two years.

Its new documentary has been gaining attention around the world.

The director of WND’s documentary, WND investigative reporter Mark Potok, said the film’s story is a story about people who are willing to go to extreme lengths to fight to get truth out.

“It is about the struggle to make sense of this new reality that is emerging on the internet,” he said.

“I don’t want people to think that we are doing this for a few bucks, or to look at it as some sort of financial gain,” said Potok.WANT MORE EW?

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