‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: ‘Bachelorette’ Star & ‘Survivor’ Cast Previews Season 28

A recap of the Bachelor in Paradise season finale on Tuesday.

The season finale of the hit reality show has been a hit with viewers and the season finale was a big hit with critics.

The finale aired live on Tuesday night and has been watched by more than 1 billion people.

The series finale aired on Tuesday and has since been viewed by millions of viewers.

The Bachelor in paradise series finale was watched by a combined audience of 1.8 billion and was watched on Tuesday by an audience of nearly 4.5 billion.

The show was watched over 1.2 billion times on Tuesday, according to Nielsen.

The ratings were the highest since the series finale last year and the show has since gone viral on social media and other outlets.

In a preview for the show’s second season, ABC’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show, which was taped on the same day as the finale, featured a preview of the finale and the Bachelor franchise on Monday night.

The preview also included a new clip of the first two seasons of the show, in which the cast of the new season was introduced and previewed.

“This show is not going to be perfect, but it’s going to give you a chance to be a little bit closer to the Bachelor, the show,” said actress Christina Hendricks, who played one of the characters in the preview.

“There’s a chance it’s a little less of a show that you can’t look at the Bachelor and the whole thing in a totally different way.”

ABC’s preview included a teaser for the second season of the series, featuring an actress playing one of several characters in season 28.

“The Bachelor in 2020 is going to have some serious changes,” the actress said in the clip.

“I think you’re going to see some changes in the characters that you love and some changes that you think are kind of shocking and some of those changes you might not like.”

The Bachelor franchise is the most popular reality show in the world with more than 30 million viewers.

It airs on ABC.

The last season of Bachelor in 2030 was cancelled following a rocky premiere that was met with criticism and some fans calling the show unrealistic and unrealistic.

The franchise is set to return on January 10.

“It’s hard to believe that our Bachelor franchise, which is one of our most beloved properties, is over,” Bachelor franchise executive producer Scott Aukerman said in a statement.

“We’re extremely excited about the second seasons, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the fans think.”