WATCH: “Tricks of the Trade” with “Firestick” star Nicky Ritchie

NEW YORK (AP) Nicky-Ritchie, a two-time Oscar winner and co-star in the Emmy-winning “Toys of War” series, made the first of two new TV appearances Thursday night at the New York Film Festival.

The actress and her husband, “Big Bad Wolf,” were honored at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

She also appeared in a film called “The Secret Life of the Pets” in which she stars alongside actor Jason Schwartzman, who plays a character named “Petzilla.”

The show’s third season opens March 23.

Ritchie, 33, says she was inspired to take up acting after watching a documentary about her father’s cancer.

“I saw the documentary about my dad and it was really touching,” she said.

“He had such a loving, caring, funny, compassionate heart.”

Ritchie is currently filming a movie called “Shameless” in Los Gatos, California, but her only role on TV so far has been as a housekeeper in a movie.

“Tales of the City” creator and star Michael Masnick says he’s been a big fan of the actress since they started working together.

“My daughter, she’s so excited to have this role,” Masnick said.

She is playing the role of “The Boss,” the housekeeper of the show’s villainous, malevolent “Tables” villain, played by Nick Nolte.

She says the role is one she’s wanted to play since childhood.

“She’s so funny and so sincere,” Masnik said.

Ritts, who also stars in “The Housewife” and “The Muppets,” was named a New York City Film Critics Circle Award finalist in 2013.

She and her wife, Kelly, have three kids, six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

“Our life story is a story about family and love and the power of our relationships and the love of life,” Ritt told the crowd of more than 100.

“And it is also a story of perseverance and perseverance in challenging times.”

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