Which trick shop’s ‘sakura trick’ is the best?

It may not be the most popular trick, but a pair of skateboard trick tricks is worth a try.

On Tuesday, the popular website Skateboard Trick posted the top three tricks of the year, including the one they use at their shop in Dandenong.

The videos are called “The Silly Skateboarding Game”, and are part of a new video series called The Silly Silly Games, which features skateboarding videos by artists and skateboard tricks from around the world.

The first video, “The Little Mermaid”, has just been posted to YouTube.

The “little mermaid” skater’s name is Dwayne, and he has been a skateboarder his whole life.

He said he was looking forward to learning more about the tricks and seeing what other people had been doing.

“I’ve been trying to find a video of some tricks that haven’t been posted on YouTube, so hopefully I can find some tricks to put in there and share with people,” he said.

The Little Mermaid is a classic, he said, but the idea came from his childhood.

“It’s not a trick that you would do if you weren’t a skateboarding star,” he explained.

“We’ve got a few tricks that I’m super proud of, but I can’t say what my favourite is.”

You’ve got to try something.

“Skateboard tricks are often very well thought out, said Dwayne.”

Some of the tricks are a little too easy for me to do, but they’re not really too difficult for me either,” he added.”

But I like to think of them as the icing on the cake.

“The videos will be shared on YouTube on Tuesday and posted every Monday.

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