Checkered flag: How to win the football trick play

In the wake of the devastating earthquakes in the Philippines, a new trick play game is cropping up around the globe.

It’s called the Checks and they’ve been playing around the country for years.

But it has taken on a life of its own, and is playing out in a variety of ways in the locales it visits.

One of the new tricks is a twist on the classic trick play, a game in which two players use a rope to swing a basketball around.

“They have a lot of different things that they can do in this game,” said Jeff Zuk, a comedian from Pittsburgh who plays the game.

“You can see a lot more of that in the Checs and how they play.

They have a different way of playing that is a lot different than the traditional game.”

The other new trick in the game is a little bit different from the other.

Instead of the traditional three-handed basketball, players are using the ball on their feet.

“We are really looking for the traditional tricks,” said Zuk.

“And they have a very unique twist.”

“The game is really about two players and how to play the game with one hand,” said John Tait, a performer from Los Angeles who plays Checs.

Tait’s first Checs was held at a theater in New York City last year.

It sold out, and now the game has been played in more than 20 countries.

It started with one of the original contestants, Tait’s dad, but now there are several new players, and Tait said the game’s popularity is growing.

“It’s definitely growing,” he said.

“It’s fun.

It’s a great challenge.”

The game has taken off in the last few years, and has expanded from just one game to hundreds of new players.

Tatsa Noyola from Los Gatos, California, said he’s seen a surge in interest in the sport.

“Checs is definitely a game that is growing every year,” he told ABC News.

“I think it’s really a great game.”

It started as a simple idea for a friend.

“I wanted to try to teach a kid something about sports,” Noyolas said.

He brought his son and his friend to a local theater to play Checs for $15.

He said the players were excited about the new game, but the kids weren’t.

“When we started playing, they were like, ‘We want to learn about these tricks, but what about the real stuff?’

So we brought them to a place and told them it’s Checkeys,” Noysa said.

They ended up playing for two hours, and eventually learned the tricks.

“There was something about it, it was really interesting, that was a lot fun,” said Noyolan.

“You can actually do these things.

It was really cool.”

The games can be played with a partner or solo.

And, Noyolas said, you can also use the ball as a prop.

The sport’s popularity isn’t just limited to the Philippines.

It has spread to other places around the world.

In Canada, a couple of years ago, a team from Vancouver played a game of Checs there.

“This is just kind of a small community here, and it was a really cool experience to see,” said Justin McNeil, a local comedian.

McNeil said he thinks the sport is popular because it is a bit of a challenge.

“One of my kids is a football player, so it’s a challenge to him to try and beat me,” he added.

“The best way to get that kid to go out and play is to play with him and not just with your friends, and so that’s really what this game is about.”