Which of these ghost smoke tricks can you perform best?

When it comes to tricking your audience, it’s all about timing, a good trick or two and getting them to come back for more.

It’s all part of the fun.

But when it comes time to create a really big hit, timing can be more important.

This is what happened to one man.

He was a very talented prankster.

He was in the top three at a very competitive state high school and also played in some professional sports.

He made quite a name for himself.

He used to wear a lot of makeup, do a lot more makeup and make up tricks.

He’d do a long dance move that was really fun and it was very entertaining for the audience.

When he was done with the dance move, he would say, “Here’s my next trick,” and it would take off on YouTube.

Then people would watch that and go, “Wow, that’s so cool, he really does do a dance move.”

And then it would go on to be the best trick in YouTube history.

And then I saw it on YouTube and I thought, “I can do that.”

And I thought that I could do it because I’ve been doing it for 15 years and I have so many videos and I had done so many tricks.

I was like, “You know what?

I have the chops.”

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