When you have a cool Google trick to share with your friends, here’s what you should know

Google’s new cool Google tricks are an interesting take on the internet.

These new tricks let you add a cool logo, add a little personality, or add an element of surprise.

The coolest ones we know of:1.

Adding a cool new feature: Google’s been making cool new features to the web in recent years.

The Chrome extension “Google Now” lets you read news and other content based on your location, and it allows you to get Google maps on your phone.

The new “Share Google” extension lets you share your location to Google+ photos and videos.

The company is also releasing a new “Google Cloud Print” service that lets you upload your photos and photos of other people’s locations to Google Cloud.

There’s also an Instagram-like app that lets users send Google Maps updates directly to their Instagram feed.

Google’s adding a bunch of new features, but we’re betting this one will be a hit.2.

Adding more Google tricks: One of the coolest things Google has been adding to the internet is the ability to share a cool YouTube video with your Google+ friends.

You can share a new Google video by right-clicking on the link, and then choosing “share link.”

The link opens in a new tab, and you can choose “share video link.”

This is similar to the way Facebook and Twitter let you share links to videos you’re watching.3.

Adding some Google tricks to your blog: Google recently updated its Google+ blog with a bunch.

The changes were so large that they took over a couple pages of the Google blog.

The most notable change: You can now add a Google+ link to a blog post.

You’ll also be able to add Google+ videos to your own blog post, which will let you easily link to YouTube videos.

It will also let you embed Google+ posts directly into other Google+ pages.4.

Adding an element to surprise your friends: Facebook and YouTube videos can be a little tricky to share.

Google makes it easy to share videos in different ways, so if you’re on Facebook, for example, you can share the link to your favorite YouTube video by clicking the “share with friends” button.

The video will open in a video player, and after you share it, your Facebook friends will be able see the video, too.

This will make it much easier for them to watch your videos and find you.5.

Adding the latest in Google services: Google announced a bunch this week.

The company’s now adding a lot of new services, but the ones that have been announced are the ones we haven’t been able to get to yet.

The big ones include its YouTube search engine, YouTube Music, and Google+ Photos.

We’re betting you’ll be happy to know that Google Photos will be available to users on Android devices, and the new Photos app is making it easy for people to add their photos to Google+.6.

Adding Google search results to your post: Google added search results in its blog posts this week, but it hasn’t launched it yet.

This is a good time to add it to your posts, so make sure to add a link to Google’s Google Search blog.

This link will open up a new post, and users can choose to add search results or not.

You also can now customize the search results by typing the URL in and selecting “customize search results.”7.

Google Search on the iPad: Google is now rolling out search results on the Apple iPad, and this new feature will let users search by keywords, phrases, and more.

If you want to learn more about the new Google Search, you might want to check out our review.8.

Google Photos on the iPhone: Google Photos for the iPhone is coming soon, and we’ve got our hands on it.

This app will let people upload photos, create a Google Maps cover photo, and much more.9.

Google Voice calls: Google Voice calling is coming to Google Voice.

The feature is currently in beta, so be sure to try it out.10.

Google Docs for the iPad, iPhone, and Android: Google Doc is a big deal, but there’s no word on when it’ll be available on the Android platform.11.

Google Books for iPad, Android, and Kindle: Google Books is coming in beta on the iOS platform, and there are reports that Google is working on Android books.

The beta version will include a bunch more content.12.

Google Drive for iPad and Android, Kindle, and Apple TV: Google Drive is coming later this year on Android tablets, smartphones, and tablets.

It’s coming to the Kindle Fire and Apple TVs this year, but you’ll have to wait until it comes to other platforms.13.

Google Camera: Google Camera is coming on Android phones, tablets, and computers in the fall.

You should be able the access it this fall, but Google is promising “a few more features” before that happens