When did we get the word that a ‘trendy’ man is a ‘faker’?

Posted November 08, 2018 17:50:48A new article has surfaced on the social media site, showing that it has been around since last November.

The article claims to be from a Chinese news outlet and has been shared over 20,000 times on social media.

It reads: “One of the best brands in the country has been using ‘faking’ since the year 2000.

A man with fake tattoos, glasses and eyeliner was one of the top brands in China for years.

He even won a national beauty award.”

The article goes on to claim that “a trendy man with a fake eye has been wearing fake eyeliner, fake eyeshadow and fake lashes since the last decade”.

“But what is a faker?

A fake eyelash?

A face with fake lips?

A nose that can’t be touched?” the article reads.

“What is a fake tattoo?

That is the faker. “

The faker with the fake nose?

That is the faker.

That is who is faking it, the fakers.”

The post also says the man was selling fake fake eyelashes and fake eyelid rings online, while wearing fake sunglasses.

The post continues: “But what about fake sunglasses?

A mask that can be seen through?

The faker wearing them?

What about fake eyelids?

Why do fake eyeliners have to be fake?

They look natural?

The fake eyelint rings look fake?”

It goes on: “It’s like a faking of a dream.

What’s a fakery?”

It has been widely reported that a number of celebrities are being fakes and even selling fake eyelattes.