‘Trick’ riding horses in Florida

Trick riding horses is not illegal in Florida, according to Florida law enforcement officials.

A spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office told WESH that there is no law against trick riding, and that the county does not have any enforcement protocols or policies.

The spokesman also said that they would not investigate if a rider has been caught on camera riding a horse without a license.

In the wake of the recent deaths of two riders and a woman who died after riding a trick horse, there is concern that horse riding will be an issue in the Sunshine State.

The deaths of the two riders in Orlando and the death of the woman in Miami-Dade County last week prompted lawmakers to consider legislation to ban trick riding in Florida.

A bill has been introduced in the Florida Senate to ban the sport.

The Florida Department of Agriculture, Wildlife and Parks (DFAP) said that it would continue to investigate reports of riders riding trick horses.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether it would pursue a case.