Trick Room: Australia’s biggest-ever hacktivist hackathon

A trick room that promises to challenge corporate security and corporate privacy has attracted the attention of Australia’s largest hacktivists.

The hackathon was held at the Sydney headquarters of cybersecurity company SecurePlanet last week, with more than 300 participants and hundreds of hacktives.

SecurePlanet CEO Chris Smith told ABC Radio’s The AM program the hackathon has been a hit with participants.

“This was a really great experience, not only because of the level of interest in this event but also because of how fast and how successful the participants have been,” he said.

Smith said the event had been organised by a hacktivism collective called Black Lives Matter Sydney.

He said the hacktival would be similar to the group’s other events.

But he said the main focus would be to tackle corporate security issues.

SecuredPlanet is also working with the government to make its own hacktive event, in which the company aims to promote better cybersecurity practices.

It is working with other companies, such as Microsoft, to develop their own hacktrading platform that would help consumers buy security equipment, he said, but declined to give details.

As well as the hack, the company will also be sponsoring an event called Cyber Security Weekend that will include a “security walk through” on the premises, including a demonstration of a security breach prevention system.

There are plans for the event to be held at a hotel in Sydney’s CBD, where attendees will have to pay for a hotel room and security pass, but Smith said they would not have to worry about finding a hotel with a lock on it.

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