The iPhone 11 is now a selfie stick

New York City’s newest flagship iPhone is being touted as a selfie camera, but it’s also a selfie trick camera. 

It’s called the iPhone 11, and it’s the first iPhone with an auto-focus feature.

I can’t get enough of the iPhone’s auto-focused camera, which can see my face and even capture videos as it zooms in on me.

While the iPhone 8 Plus used the same camera, the iPhone 10S was the first to come with a manual focus camera.

The iPhone 11’s camera has a new lens design that makes the iPhone feel more like a traditional selfie stick.

I love the way the camera focuses.

The iPhone 12, meanwhile, is the first Apple phone to feature an OLED screen with an extra-high resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.

It’s a more powerful design than its predecessors, which had a higher-res display.

The auto-mode features are really neat.

I’m super excited to use the iPhone 12’s auto mode, because it’s much faster than using the auto mode of the 9S or iPhone 8.

If you have a phone with a rear camera, it’s really important that you turn on the auto-exposure feature.

You want to be able to take selfies.

But it can be hard to find a phone that has auto-positioning.

The auto-aiming on the iPhone is super helpful.

I can always take a picture and then move my phone to take a new picture.

Auto-focus has never been a major feature of the smartphone industry, but I’m excited about its future.

I’ll be using it in my future phones, and I hope other manufacturers adopt this feature as well.

I just wish that Apple would let me set the auto focus to manual, like they did with the iPhone X, so that I don’t have to worry about it going off when I try to take another shot.