The world’s fastest skateboarder on Twitter gets the scoop on the latest viral trend

When you’re the fastest skater on Twitter, you’re probably doing something right.

That’s why we asked the most prolific tweeter on the social media platform to explain the latest trends, the top tricks and tricks of the week.

So what’s the fastest skateboarding trick on the web?

The first thing to note is that it’s not the most successful one, and it’s certainly not the best.

There are some more than one thousand skateboarding tricks on YouTube, and many of them are not as fun as the ones we’re going to cover here.

Still, it’s one of the most popular ways to skateboarding and the one that most people seem to know the name of.

The trick that we’re looking at here, though, is the one most people will be using the most.

The name of the trick is the “Ollie,” a move that you’ll probably see a lot of on skateboarders around the world.

The trick is named after an old American street racer, Ollie Walker, who died in 1992, and is considered the fastest speed skating trick in the world at nearly 1,000 feet per second.

It’s also known as “Olly,” and it is one of a number of trick moves that are popular on YouTube.

The Ollies most famous trick, though not the only one, is called the “Skateboarding Trick,” and that trick is even better, with some pretty impressive video footage to boot.

The other trick on YouTube is the popular “Pillow Skate,” a trick that’s easy to learn and very hard to master.

The “Pills” part of the name means “pillow,” and the “skate” part means to “spike” or “punch” with the back of the foot.

The skateboard moves to “roll” are also popular.

In addition to being the fastest, this trick also has a reputation for being the hardest one to master, but the best trick on Youtube, and probably the most dangerous one, in our opinion.

The second trick is called “Rolling,” which is a technique that involves rolling your feet and kicking your knees back, and then rolling them to the side, to create a “roll,” which you can then flip on your toes and use to “push” your feet into the air.

You can see that in the video above, where we see a woman doing this.

The video is called, and the name comes from the name “Rollin'” , which is also a skateboarding slang term for “rolling.”

The trick we’re talking about here is also the one people will most likely use when they’re trying to get in the best position for a trick.

The term “pusher” comes from a video in which a woman rolls her hips back and pushes her feet up and down in an attempt to get a perfect position.

The movement is known as the “sledgehammer” trick, and this is one the best tricks on Youtube because of the ease with which it’s done.

We also like to call it the “Dancing” trick because it involves rolling, pushing your legs forward, then letting your feet bounce back and forth, spinning and spinning.

This is one trick that a lot people will do for the first time and don’t think about for a few minutes, because it’s so easy to do.

You just have to do it a few times, and you’ll quickly see how it’s more complicated than the first one.

The second trick in our list is called The “Hip Flip,” which involves doing a flip-flop, spinning around your hips and then jumping to your feet.

In the video below, you can see a man doing this trick.

It was the first trick we tested, and we still consider it one of our favorites.

The next trick is known by its most popular name, the “Knee Flip.”

This is another trick that has a great video that has some very impressive video, and a cool video that’s also extremely fun to watch.

It is also one of those tricks that is easy to perform, and that’s one reason why we’ve included it in our “Top Skateboard Trick” category.

We also like the trick that comes in the third position, called “Fancy Foot Roll.”

In this move, you have to make your foot come up to the edge of the board and then push it back down, with your foot bouncing on the ground and you spinning in the air like you’re dancing.

We found the video of this move to be very impressive, and as you can hear in the above video, we can’t help but love the idea of the person in the videos doing this move.

This is one that will likely be used by people who want to be the fastest in their sport, and because of that, it’ll be a lot harder to learn.

The fourth trick on