How to name your skateboard tricks

With the release of the new version of skateboarding tricks, it’s time to get the latest in tricks.

Here are the names and other details of some of the most iconic tricks from all the different brands of skateboarders.


Aussie’s Nana (Kamalem), ‘Laziness’ (2011) The most famous skateboarder in Australia, Nana has a reputation for tricking people into a variety of positions, from a seat to a bench.

It took her eight years to finish the trick, but she’s now a big name in the tricks game.

She’s also known for ‘the trick’, which involves a sideways flip and a sudden stop, as well as the ‘trick’.

She’s not only one of the best skaters in the world, but the best in Australia.


New York’s The Blackout (Pete), ‘The Ball’ (2009) The best skater in the US, The Blackouts is the reigning gold medallist in the World Cup, having won six of the last seven worlds.

He’s also a great name for skateboarding, having worked on some of his tricks for the past decade.


Australia’s Ben ‘Bricky’ Smith, ‘I’m A Boy’ (2008) The world’s best skateboard skater and world-ranked athlete, Ben Smith is a popular name for a skateboard.

His tricks have a variety and style that’s unique, but he’s also an extremely skilled and talented rider.


New Zealand’s Davey Richards, ‘Tighten’ (2007) The top skater of New Zealand, Davey has worked with brands like the likes of Skateboards, Pro-Skateboards and Braid, as he was able to develop his tricks with brands that had an established skateboarding brand.


Australia, Australia’s Sam and Max, ‘Rollercoaster’ (2006) Sam Richards is one of Australia’s most successful skaters and the most recognisable name for the brand.

The Australian has worked on many of the biggest skateboard brands, including Pusher, Paddleboard, and Pro-Shopper.


Australia Simon ‘The King’ Roberts, ‘The Queen’ (2005) Simon ‘the King’ is a skater known for his ability to trick the crowd into the wrong position.

He also has a strong reputation for tricks and tricks-like he’s been dubbed the King of Slingshots by the New York Times.


Australia Adam ‘Adam’ Roberts and ‘The Snake’ (2004) Adam is one half of the duo of Adam and Simon Roberts, who has made waves as the most well-known skaters on the Australian scene.

Adam has been working with brands including Puddle and Bully for many years.


New South Wales’ Nathan ‘Paddy’ Hallett, ‘Slippery’ (2003) Nathan Halletti has a long and storied career, but his most well known trick is the ‘slippery’ trick, which involves him jumping over a fence, turning left and jumping over the edge of the board, in the middle of a board race.


Australia James Halleeys, ‘Candy’ (2001) James Halsey has been known for trick riding for decades, but this is his first time to trick and the result is a memorable trick.


Australia Jamie Lee, ‘Sprint’ (1999) Jamie Lee is one-half of Jamie Lee and Jamie Lee Pro, which has a successful career on the world stage.

He has worked for brands including Skateboard and Biltmore.


New England’s Chris Cappadocia, ‘Pitch Black’ (1998) Chris Capps is a skateboarding legend, with the likes a Pusher board and a Bilt.


New Jersey’s James ‘Honey’ Brown, ‘Razor’ (1996) James Brown is the best-known skateboard rider in New Jersey.


New Hampshire’s Jamie ‘Catch’ Anderson, ‘Spinal Tap’ (1994) Jamie Anderson has been skateboarding for a number of years, having skated with the brands Pusher and Bitter.


New Mexico’s Scott ‘The Black’ DeRosa, ‘Bolt’ (1993) Scott DeRoso is a big skateboard brand, having a long history in New Mexico.

He worked on Pusher as well.


New New York City’s Jamie, ‘Rock the Cramp’ (1992) Jamie is the brother of skateboardser Jamie Anderson, who was also the founder of Bilt and has a great reputation in the industry.


New Orleans’ James ‘Dee’ Smithson, ‘Lazy’ (1991) James Smithson is one the best skateboarding players in New Orleans, having been a member of the team that won the world