How to make zoom and zoom tricks work in your favourite movies

When you’re looking to turn your favourite movie into a zombifying moment, here’s how to do it: zoom.

Zoom in.

Use a zoom function to make your favourite scenes stand out and you’ll see the movie look even more stunning in real-time.

This trick has been around for decades but is especially popular with movie stars.

Zoom out.

Turn off the zoom function.

Now you can just zoom in and see the shot in the wrong direction, so it’s not as dramatic.

It works even when the film is paused, and it even works with the full zoom level.

The trick isn’t unique to movies, either.

If you’re ever looking to make a film look like a video game, try this: turn off the controls.

Zoom to the camera.

Then hold the left trigger and zoom in, holding down on the trigger to zoom.

It’s a bit tricky, but it’s worth it.

Try this technique in other movies too: turn the controls off, zoom out, zoom in.

Try a new trick.

Use this trick in a movie you’re not familiar with.

The next time you see a movie that’s not a hit, try it with the controls turned off.

You’ll get a different effect.