How to tell if the hat trick has just ended in your favor

What do you think of the hat-trick victory in the Stanley Cup final?

Do you think the game is a tie?

Is there anything to the hat tricks?

Is it a sign that this is the end of the series or is this just another one of those big finals?

If you haven’t seen the hat numbers coming down, you should probably get into the act.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important hockey stats to know as we head into Game 3.


The Blackhawks have just won the most games in the history of the NHL.

This is one of the great mysteries of the postseason, but it’s one that I’m willing to go with even if it’s a bit of a stretch.

There’s only three teams that have won the Stanley Cups more than the Blackhawks and it’s the three teams with the most points.

So it’s hard to believe that this will be the most recent series to end in a tie.

The teams have been playing well together in recent weeks, so this could be a game where both teams have to work hard to win.


It’s the second-most-played Game 3 in NHL history, with 6.35 million people tuning in.

That’s up from 6.12 million in the first game of the playoffs last year, and it should be a big increase when you consider that the series will likely be played on a Sunday night, which means fewer people will be able to watch.


Chicago has scored at least two goals in each of its three games.

That means it’s now on pace for five more goals than any other team in the league.

That will be hard to top in Game 3, which should have a shootout between two of the best goal scorers in the NHL, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.


Pittsburgh is on a four-game winning streak, and the Penguins have won seven straight games after a 3-2 loss to Boston.

Pittsburgh has won five straight playoff games.


Boston has won three straight playoff series.

It was the first time in 20 years that the Bruins haven’t made the playoffs after making the conference finals in the past two years.


The Bruins have won a Game 7 of the Stanley.

In Game 6 of the last series, the Bruins beat the Penguins in seven games.


In a Game 3 that could have been one of their better games, the Penguins led 2-0.

The Penguins were able to tie the game and then put the game away in regulation, so it was an easy win.


Pittsburgh’s goaltending has been outstanding in recent games.

The Panthers have won two of their last three games against the Penguins.


Sidney Crosby has scored two goals and added four assists in each game.

He’s scored one goal and added three assists in the two games since he was sidelined by a concussion.


It took the Bruins 14 games to score five goals in a regulation game.

They did it in overtime in Game 4 of the first round.