B.C. man ‘tricked’ out of $2 million jackpot by tricking the lottery website

B.c. man Michael O’Keefe is facing a court-martial for a fraudulently obtained $2.5 million jackpots in four other states.

O’Keefe allegedly made six fraudulent payments to his online account from a company he owned.

In B. C., O’Keefe allegedly obtained a $5,000 payout from the Canadian Tire Casino Corporation (CTCC) and made six other payments from the account to the CTCC, according to court documents filed in Prince George’s County.

He then made a $1,000 payment from the CCC to a third-party payment processor and a $500 payment to a second-party processor.

He was charged with three counts of theft and one count of making a fraudulent cheque.

The charges are not related to the $2-million jackpot O’Ewens was hoping to claim.

In March, he made another $500 payments to the second-parties.

He was arrested in Prince Rupert on Monday.

O.E. is due back in court Oct. 19.