How to make a fake breast milk in this calorific trick

Breast milk can be a great source of nutrition for your baby and it can also be a useful addition to your diet.

But there are a number of tricks you can use to make your breast milk appear healthy.

Here are five ways to make breast milk look healthier than it really is.1.

Make your milk taste good: It can be tempting to take a spoonful of milk with a piece of bread or other item and mix it into your dinner, but if you can’t find the right food to feed your baby, this can be an effective way of making your breastmilk appear more nutritious.

A popular alternative to milk is pasteurised milk, which is the process of separating the milk from the whey before the milk is added to a food such as pasta or bread.

In this method, the wheies are separated and the milk mixed with the wheys, giving the milk its unique flavour and texture.2.

Feed it to a friend or colleague: While it’s not possible to make homemade breastmilks, it’s a great way of providing some extra nutrition to your baby.

Feeding a friend, colleague or stranger can give you a chance to share the benefits of breastfeeding with someone who is otherwise not on your health-conscious diet.3.

Add it to an easy, healthy meal: If you can find an easy food to make for your child, it can be great to share it with someone.

Adding a nutritious meal to your breast-feeding menu can help ensure your baby gets enough nutrition during a busy day.

For example, adding a smoothie, with fruit, beans or some vegetables can be really good for your health.4.

Drink it with your dinner: It’s important to remember that breastmilky tastes better with a meal.

Adding it to your meal can help to get your baby to eat more nutritious food during the day.5.

Use it as a snack: When your baby needs a break, adding it to her plate can give her something to do while she’s nursing.

Some people even like to mix it with fruit or vegetables.

Some people add milk to their own drinks or snack foods, adding the wheye in order to help make their drink taste better.

But for some people, the milk itself is the main ingredient in their drink.

If you are concerned about your baby’s wellbeing, talk to your GP or nurse about adding milk to your child’s diet.

If you have any questions about breastfeeding, or if you want to know more about the benefits and risks of breastfeeding, contact the National Breastfeeding Resource Centre.