How to get a trick daddy album from your daddy

If you’re a daddy who loves anal, there’s no better place to get your favorite albums than your favorite daddy.

With a trick or two thrown in, you can finally get to the naughty places of your childhood.

I’ve been to many trick or treat sites and had a blast with all of them.

But one trick daddy is my absolute favorite.

He has such a nice and relaxing vibe to them that they don’t require a lot of effort to get to.

Here’s how you can get a daddy album to your dick: 1.

Grab your favorite dad videos from your favorite website, YouTube, and Vimeo.


Open up your favorite video, and hit play on the song.

This will bring up a page with a countdown of videos to watch.

Each time you watch a video, it’ll add an hour to your daddy collection.


Go to a video you’ve liked, and you’ll see it at the top.


Click on the link, and it’ll take you to the daddy video page.

If you click on a video that’s your favorite, it will take you right to the album.

You can choose to skip through the videos and go straight to the videos in order.


Click the link and it will download the album and add it to your collection.


You can play around with the album, adding in your own videos, or simply changing the colors to your liking.

For a bonus, you’ll be able to save your favorite Daddy albums and share them with friends, family, and even your boss.