How to use Apple’s cereal calculator trick to get your phone to play the cool iPhone tricks

What if you wanted to know if your iPhone would start playing your favorite cereal tunes?

You would have to dig into the code of the cereal app and figure out the formula.

This trick, known as the Apple Scooby-Doo Calculator, was discovered by Google.

It was featured in a video on YouTube.

In the video, a man in the background calls the Apple cereal app, asks for a code and the app gives him a code that looks like this: “Cocky_Doo.”

The man then dials up the app’s code for his favorite cereal, “Bubble Boy.”

The Apple Scoobys’ code was pretty simple: “BUBBLE BOY.”

He then pressed the “Play” button and the video showed him the song playing in the cereal bar.

You may be wondering how Apple got the code for this song.

The company has said it is a “secret” one, but Apple has also been caught using the code in its iOS 7 software updates.

The code appears to have been discovered by Apple and is available in the code-sharing site, CodePlex, where it is called the “iPhone code,” which appears to be a shortened version of the code found in the Apple iOS 7 version.

Apple’s own code appears in its apps for iOS, Mac OS X and tvOS.

In Apple’s iOS 7 update, the app uses a different version of “Coochy_Doody,” and a different “Cookys_Duff” as a code.

It also uses a new “Doodies” number.

Apple is not the only company using the iPhone code.

Google has been using the Apple “Bubs” code, which is a shortened and shortened version.

Google is also using the “Doodle” number in its Android apps.

Apple has not responded to a request for comment on this story.

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