What do you think about the Pokemon Go craze?

New York City has been a Pokemon hotspot for a while now.

Pokemon Go, the mobile game where players hunt for rare Pokemon, is widely accepted as the first real-world version of a Pokemon game, and the city is the biggest user of Pokemon merchandise.

But there are many other Pokémon fans, including people who like to wear fancy clothes, eat spicy food, and dance in the city’s parks.

The game is a popular activity for both kids and adults, and many people in New York have been playing it for years.

Here are a few tricks that some New Yorkers have learned from Pokemon Go players.


Play around with your phone The best way to get a feel for how Pokemon Go works is to play around with it.

Go on an adventure and you can find your Pokemon.

You can go to a new city or even go out to a park, and there’s a catch, which you’ll see on your phone: A Pokemon card.

That’s the game’s tag.

You’ll see it on the Pokemon’s back, and it’s an icon that you’ll need to use to capture a Pokemon.

So you can play around, and see what Pokemon you’ll find.


Get a better camera There’s no need to get your phone in perfect focus in order to catch Pokemon.

When you have a smartphone camera with you, it’ll take a photo of the Pokemon that’s closest to you and you’ll get a little notification about that Pokemon.

But if you’re in the middle of the action and you want to make sure you’re getting a good shot, you can tap on your smartphone’s camera app.

You will see a little icon on your screen with an arrow pointing to your location.

This is the Pokemon app’s camera.


Don’t use the phone while riding a bike or on a bike-sharing app.

If you’re on a bicycle or bike-share app, you should never bring your phone into the park.

This will make it impossible for your phone to find the Pokemon you’re looking for, which can lead to frustrating results.


Don the PokeBall costume It’s been a tradition in New Jersey since the 1980s, but many New Yorkers are starting to dress up as Pokemon.

New Jersey residents dress up to be Pokemon in the parks, and some of them have even become trainers to catch and battle Pokemon.


Keep the park clean You can’t always keep your Pokemon out of the park and in the water.

If there’s an outbreak of the virus, it could wipe out a whole bunch of Pokemon, making it hard for people to find Pokemon.

The city also has to clean up after the virus because the Pokemon will probably not be there to hunt.

But you can try to keep the park clear of Pokemon while they’re out there, because they’ll be more likely to stay away from you if you don’t keep them out of sight.


Go for a ride with a friend The Pokemon Go app offers a way to go on an adventurous ride with your friends.

You don’t need to be a professional driver, and you don.

You just need to know your way around a bike and have the skills needed to ride.

So here are some tips to make a great ride out on the city: Be comfortable riding the bike.

Ride a bike with a few other people, and when the ride is fun and you feel safe, get on the bike with the other people.

If it’s a short ride, make sure your friends are on the same bike with you.

You won’t get a chance to catch a lot of Pokemon when you ride with friends.

If a ride is longer than about 10 minutes, make your friends ride with you first, then go for a few laps.


Get some sun A little bit of sun can help you catch more Pokemon.

A friend can show you the right spot in the sun, and if you get a good photo, you might catch a Pokemon of your own.


Wear bright clothes When you’re out in the park, wear bright clothes to give the Pokemon a bit of an edge.

Wear a bright color like yellow, orange, red, or blue.

The Pokemon are more likely not to be attracted to bright colors.

If the Pokemon aren’t attracted to you, wear some sort of clothing that doesn’t attract them.

If possible, make a point to avoid wearing bright clothing at all times.


Wear glasses A Pokemon app that allows you to catch new Pokemon can help.

You may have heard about Pokemon Go glasses that you can buy at any of the local convenience stores.

If your glasses are made from natural rubber, the Pokemon are probably more likely in the shade.

You’re more likely if you wear glasses that are easy to remove.


Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe When you go out on a trip with your Pokemon, you’ll