How to trick your friends into spending more

Step by step guide to tricking your friends and family into spending less, from a simple Facebook post to a complicated plan of action.

Step 1: Tell them you’re doing a Facebook post.

Step 2: Make sure they’re following you on Facebook.

Step 3: Make the post very simple.

Step 4: Make it very clear.

Step 5: Tell the post you’re the one who needs to spend less.

Step 6: Give them a short link to your new blog post, which they’ll then click.

Step 7: Read the blog post and then post a comment to your Facebook post asking them to check out your new posts.

Step 8: Tell your friends you’re making the changes to their Facebook feeds and that they can then follow along with your steps.

Step 9: Make a note of the Facebook posts that they’ve shared.

Step 10: Post a link to the blog on your Facebook page and share the link.

Step 11: Make note of what they’ve said and tell them that they should check out the blog if they haven’t already.

Step 12: Tell everyone you made the changes, including your friends.

Step 13: Make an offer to them that you can’t refuse.

Step 14: Repeat steps 1 through 11 until you’ve convinced everyone to spend more.

Step 15: Share the offer on Facebook with a link.